Our Buyers

At Dakonte Product Group, we are proud to serve a diverse and loyal customer base that spans across various industries and sectors. Our vinyl products are trusted by some of the leading names in the market, who rely on our quality, durability, and versatility to meet their needs and expectations. Here are some of the corporate buyers who have chosen Dakonte Product Group as their preferred vinyl supplier.

Dakonte Product Group Inc (DPG)

A reliable on-time supplier with domestically made vinyl document holders, restaurant menu covers and portable desk partitions.

TIE Officemates Product Line Brand

Heavy-duty vinyl and PVC job ticket holders, sign holders, work order holders and office organizers.

EASY Partitions Product Line Brand

Innovative flexible partitions easy to put up and take down as needed.

In both clear and solid colors.

Great Menu Covers Product Line Brand

High quality long-lasting covers for restaurants, work manuals, sales catalogs and other uses.

Contract Manufacturing Services

DPG's expertise in sewn and heat sealed products, metal working and assembly capabilities are available for contracted projects.

Fulfillment services including drop-shipping, kitting, packaging and labeling.

Corporate and Business Buyers are Welcome

To set up credit terms for purchase orders and VMS systems.

With Approved Credit Terms

NET terms and discounts can be negotiated to fit your organization's desired A/P schedules.

ACH payments are accepted to help streamline your procurement process.

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