Reseller Opportunities

For over 35 years:

The Dakonte Product Group’s TIE Office-Mates™ and Great Menu Cover™ brands have provided quality products for a wide range of industries.

As reseller of DPG’s products, you can benefit from peace of mind that blind drop-ship, brand labeling and other services will ensure end-customer loyalty remains with you on future orders.

DPG’s made in the USA Factory-Direct service means no short-cuts on quality, added costs for importing expenses, or overseas supply chain delays.

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Reseller Benefits

Marketplace Differentiation Offering Custom Products.

Custom products are a great way for you to differentiate your offerings to customers.

Generating repeat orders is also easier since your custom products are difficult or impossible for your customers to buy anywhere else.

DPG’s vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities supports you and your customer to rapidly design, prototype and test tailored made product solutions that meet your customer’s exact requirements.

Private Labeling

All of DPG products are unmarked until time of shipment.

This allows you to specify any branded labeling, packaging or promotional marketing materials for your orders without the risk of losing future customer orders made with direct purchases from DPG.

Drop-ship Program

You can blind drop-ship to your customers anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Other countries may be possible with advanced notice and additional processing fees.

Shipping Carrier Selection

You can specify UPS, FedEx, USPS or an LTL carrier with shipping charges prepaid and added to your invoice, collect or third party.

Wholesale Pricing

As a reseller, you are assured of having the best pricing and will not be undercut by DPG’s online retail prices.

NET 30-Day Terms

With preapproved credit you can qualify for NET 30-day terms to help your company’s cash flow.

Product Images

DPG can provide you with product images with either unbranded descriptions or for a nominal fee have your branding superimposed on images for use online or on your printed marketing materials.

No Minimum Annual Order Value

Your reseller discount pricing will be determined up front by working with you to estimate your annual sales volume.

As your annual volume increases, addition discounts can be added to increase your market competitiveness.

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